Cait SheltonAqueduct AerialsSpring Grove, PA

Thanks for a great 2023 season! Teaching Mondays during the winter at Stellar Fitness in York.

Silks at Stellar Fitness
Cait instructs a young student

Aerial Lessons and Workouts

  • Build strength and confidence through aerial workouts on silks and sling!
  • Beginners and children 8+ welcome.
  • Lessons take place outdoors, April - November.
  • Avaialble for group (up to 3) and private lessons.
  • Contact via for more information.

Cait spots a young student outdoors
Cait guides a student outdoors
A student suspended during an outdoor lesson
Cait helps a student learn how to wrap

Why Aqueduct Aerials?

Before relocating to Pennsylvania, Aqueduct Aerials taught students in the metro Boston area. We were located along the Weston Aqueduct walking trail, and walkers, hikers, and bikers would stop and watch classes and performances from the trail. Thus, the "aerialists along the aqueduct" became Aqueduct Aerials.